“I’m gonna help him out, I’m gonna corner him,” Tyron Woodley wants to corner Ben Askren against Jake Paul

“I’m gonna help him out, I’m gonna corner him,” Tyron Woodley wants to corner Ben Askren against Jake Paul
Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren

The former UFC Welterweight fighter Ben Askren is getting a lot of support from the MMA community for his boxing match against Jake Paul.

After the former Bellator champion Michael Chandler, former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley extended his support to Ben Askren. Askren and Woodley have trained together earlier.


In his latest interview with The Schmo, Woodley explains why Ben Askren will be having an upper hand in this fight. Woodley says, “Ben has very dumpy power, that’s the best way I can explain it,”

“When he punches, it’s not like the super-fast Mayweather type stuff, but when he hits you it’s like damn that kinda f*ckin’ hurt a little bit. So in my mind, I think that he clings to guys well, we haven’t really seen him take a lot of punches.”

“Robbie Lawler hit him a couple of times. Obviously, he got flying kneed, but we haven’t seen him sit there and just take f*cking shots from people throwing hands at him.”


“So I think he’s going to be able to get close to Jake, kinda talk a little shit to him because Ben’s been doing that since college, and then really just wear him down and wear him out. Then I think those later rounds, Ben’s been on this stage, the Bellator stage, the ONE FC stage, the UFC stage,”

“The Olympic stage, the NCAA stage, the crowd and the lights, and everything that goes with the pazazz of putting on a show — he’s not going to be moved by. Jake, this is new to him. YouTube is one thing but when you’re in front of people and people are watching you…”

“He showed up against those guys he fought but I think Ben’s a world-class athlete whether he looks like he can jump 40-feet off the ground or not, he’s world-class in three different sports.”


Woodley is looking to corner Ben Askren in his boxing match

Tyron Woodley

Ben Askren is booked to face Jake Paul on 17th April and Tyron Woodley confirms that he’ll be in the corner of Askren to support him. Woodley added, “I’m gonna help him out, I’m gonna corner him,”

“I’ll try to see how I can merge it in with my training camp but Ben just told me to come after my fight, that’s only a week. If you can come earlier, come earlier. That’s how Ben is. Yeah, I’ll be there.”

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