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“I am not an artist like Federer, I’m more of a monster like Nadal,” claims World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

Norwegian chess Grandmaster chooses himself to be compared with Rafael Nadal over a couple of other great athletes.

Roger Federer(left), Magnus Carlsen(center) and Rafael Nadal(right)

Current World Chess champion from Norway, Magnus Carlsen recently revealed that he sees himself in tennis sensation, Rafael Nadal more than any other athlete of any sport.


Given his legendary status in chess, the World No.1 was asked if he found himself similar to someone like Tiger Woods or like Michael Jordan who is on the other end of the spectrum.

Nadal is universal: Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen.

Carlsen, subtly accepting his legendary status, himself chose to be associated with Rafa Nadal which would be more apt over other greats such as Roger Federer, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.


“I am not an artist like Federer, I’m more of a monster like Nadal,” Carlsen said in an interview with MARCA Sport Weekend.

The Norwegian Grandmaster believes he resonates with Rafa more than anyone because he is a ‘universal’ sportsperson who is ‘relentless’ and ‘powerful’. He has the ability to pull anything off which makes him extraordinary.

“He (Rafael Nadal) is universal, and can do everything and everything extremely well,” Carlsen continued.

“If there was a comparison with a great sport, I have always said that I prefer to be compared to the Spaniard Rafa Nadal, because he is relentless, powerful,” Carlsen added.

The Spaniard had a comfortable victory against in-form, Andrey Rublev whom he cruised past in straight sets in the first match of the ATP Finals currently going on in London.

For Nadal’s good, it was one of the most relentless and ruthless displays ever put forth by him in London’s indoor conditions given the fact how much he struggles otherwise.

The World No.2 will next be facing Dominic Thiem, who falls next in rank after the Spaniard on the ATP chart of this year. A win against the Austrian will bring Nadal closer to his goal of winning the tournament for the first time ever.

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