“I’m surprised they didn’t want to keep them, to me, it’s a great opportunity for us,” Scott Coker speaks about UFC roster cut

The Bellator MMA president, Scott Coker sees the opportunity to sign more fighters from UFC following their roster cut.

Scott Coker

The UFC president Dana White announced that UFC is going to cut at least 60 fighters from their roster soon. The list included some of the famous fighters as well such as Anderson Silva, Yoel Romero, Anthony Pettis, and many others whose contract hasn’t been renewed.

These fighters are joining the other promotions for continuing their carrier. Pettis signed a deal with PFL and Yoel ‘Soldier of God’ Romero has been signed by Bellator MMA and the Bellator president Scott Coker is more than happy to bring these talented fighters home.

In his latest interview with MMA Fighting, Coker says, “You’re talking about a couple of guys that really made a difference in their division, I’m surprised they didn’t want to keep them. To me, it’s a great opportunity for us.”

“To be honest, I think we’re a better fit for those guys. They’ll have a great home here. I think they’re going to be extremely happy here. A couple of the guys that I talked to, wanted to make the move. They wanted to come to Bellator.”

“People see when they get here how we treat the fighters and how it’s a family atmosphere. Yes, it is a business so we run like a business but it’s really run a lot different than other organizations.”

Coker believes Bellator has a better Light Heavyweight division than UFC

UFC and Bellator MMA

With his latest signing and addition of fighters like Anthony Johnson and Yoel Romero to the Bellator roster, Coker believes their Light Heavyweight division is better than UFC. Coker added, “First of all, I think Vadim Nemkov is the best fighter on the planet at 205 until he gets beat,”

“I think that’s going to be my position. Because I’ve never seen Ryan Bader get dismantled like the way he did against Nemkov. You’re talking about a guy that can wrestle, can strike, got a complete game. Top pound-for-pound rated in the world.”

“Top rated in the 205-pound weight class and he won a heavyweight tournament. He’s a serious athlete, this guy is a killer. Nemkov just kind of did his thing with him.”

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