Imagined people, I wanted to hit: When Champion Maria Sharapova tried her skills in ‘BOXING’

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Time, once gone can never come back, even though she was banned on playing competitive tennis for using illegal drug Meldonium, she didn’t waste her instead make complete use of it joining a university course, taking up hobbies, and even trying a different sport, i.e boxing.

Yes! Here we are talking about retired Russian Lawn tennis player, Maria Sharapova.

Boxing, ‘is one form of exercise that sportspersons across domains include in their workout regime’.

Everyone knows that Mike Tyson, the GOAT of boxing taught world-famous tennis stars like Serena Williams and today’s era sensation Coco Gauff and now Maria’s name has added to the list.

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It was in 2017 when the 33-year-old in her documentary ‘The Point’ told how she coped after the ban on playing competitive tennis and the same year only she started boxing lessons.

On February 2nd, Maria said, “I tried boxing as I needed to keep myself in good form. It was great as I could imagine some particular people Whom I wanted to hit.”

However, Maria’s post-ban comeback was not that successful, but the 5 time Grand Slam champion has this attitude in her veins that can excel her in any sport and even kept her playing inside the top 10 for so long in WTA circuit.

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