ImAPet and daps transit to Team NRG Esports Valorant

NRG Valorant roster revealed Appoints daps and ImAPet to the team for Valorant. Former 100T coach now signed in as NRG head coach.

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ImAPet and daps transit to Team NRG Esports Valorant 2

Rush B Media has confirmed that Damian daps and chet ImAPet have transited to Valorant.

NRG officially announced their Roster in twitter, the organization showed their interest in CS:GO veterans.

 daps and ImAPet reunite finally after being apart for more than a year. The signing reunites them.

daps and ImAPet together played CS:GO for team NRG. Before daps was transferred to Cloud9 in July. Both won IEM Shanghai CS_summit 3 back in 2018.

The 27-year-old daps returns to NRG valorant after being an agent in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Daps Moved out from Gen.G roster after disagreements in his 9-month tour of duty.

ImAPet continued on leading the organization and played tournaments, leading the roster to fourth place, finish at the StarLadder Berlin Major by defeating NAVI in the playoffs stage.

Astralis later eliminated NRG in major semi-finals.

Chet ImAPet left EG on April 4th 2020 heading his career as the head coach of 100 Thieves.

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