Impossible to hold Olympics unless pandemic contained: Shinzo Abe


Tokyo Olympics could not take place next year unless the coronavirus pandemic is contained, as the city’s governor requested an extension of Japan’s state of emergency. Earlier, the Japanese government and the international Olympic Committee postponed the games untill July 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been saying the Olympic and Paralympic Games must be held in a complete form, in that athletes and spectators can all participate safely. It would be impossible to hold the Games in such a complete form unless the coronavirus pandemic is contained,” Abe said in response to an opposition lawmaker.

The prime minister added in a statement that the Olympics “must be held in a way that shows the world has won its battle against the coronavirus pandemic,” and cautioned that Japan should “brace for a protracted battle”.

Private broadcaster Nippon Television reported that 47 new positive cases have been found on a Wednesday. Totally 13,895 are infected including 413 deaths said by national broadcaster.

Some critics says that Japan is not doing enough testing to tackle the problem. Italy have still low cases as compared to the other countries.

Shinzo Abe have extended the Nation wide lockdown, which is due to an end on May 6. Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike told reporters that the situation in the Japanese capital remained “difficult”.

On Tuesday, President Yoshiro Mori told Nikkan Sports that the Games would be “scrapped” if they could not take place in 2021. The head of the Japan Medical Association JMA Yoshitake Yokokura, told a news that “unless an effective vaccine is developed, I expect hosting the Olympics will be difficult”.


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