“Incomplete season would leads to series of disputes” says Gabriele Gravina


Gabriele Gravina, the president of Italian Football Federation says if the season is not completed then it would leads to a “series of disputes”. He has “warning on his table” from clubs.

In March, Series A was suspended like every other league worldwide, some matches were played behind the closed doors. “The top flight will not begin again until the health and safety of those involved can be guaranteed and an extension by the Italian government on strict restrictions on movement and outdoor activities until May 3 makes a swift resumption unlikely,” said by FIGC.

Some clubs are hoping to return on the training and all the sports will be played at the end of the May.Gravina said that the games must be finished. FIFA has agreed to extend 2019-20 indefinitely to allow domestic leagues time to complete the season.

Gravina said, “A definite stop would start a series of disputes. On my table, there are already some warnings.”

“FIFA has paved the way. Firstly we need to complete the season which was going on and then we can start with the new season. We don’t have a deadline to start again; we will go hand in hand with the other European leagues.”

Gravina added, “If they let us play in early June, we have the dates to end at the end of July.”

Gravina hoped that football would be held in Italy soon and said, “I respect science, but I can’t give up. We work on how to get back to playing, not on when.”

He said, “When Italy comes back to life and when there will be the right conditions for other sectors to resume, football will also return. I am saying it once and for all: the championship must be completed. There’s time. All the governing bodies and doctors will decide responsibly.”

Gravina is thinking positively and motivating players by saying, “Our entire system would benefit from us restarting.”


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