India must focus on swimming to excel at Olympics: Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju


Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said if India wants to beat the World in the Olympics Games, then the country has to concentrate on pelagic sports, especially swimming.

“Historically, the top countries in the Olympics have bagged a large number of medals in swimming. In the last five Olympics, USA has won about 31 per cent of their total medals in swimming,” he said.

“There is a great opportunity for any country because of the sheer number of events that take place in aquatics. Today, we don’t stand anywhere in swimming at the Olympic level but there is a huge potential in the sport if we act with dedication, proper planning and adequate resources.”

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Swimming Federation of India (SFI) together organised an online knowledge enhancement workshop while the Sports Minister was communicating with swimming coaches from across the country who participate in the workshop.

“I don’t see any reason why India should lag behind. In the 2021 Olympics, we do not have the strength to win medals in swimming, but we can start preparing for the 2028 Olympics,” Rijiju said.

The minister implored the SFI to forge roadmap and start searching for talents to make this objective happened.

“There are some facilities that are world-class, the facility of JSW and the Army Institute in Pune is very good, but we need many more such private academies to come forward to create more facilities.” Rijiju further added.


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