India vs Australia: Tim Paine should be removed as captain, says Sunil Gavaskar

Tim Paine received a barrage of criticisms for his sledging during the match. He tried to unsettle Ravichandran Ashwin while the latter was batting.

Sunil Gavaskar (left) and Tim Paine-Ravichandran Ashwin (right).

Criticisms for Australian skipper Tim Paine have poured in after his unpleasant sledging incident on Day 5 if the third Test in Sydney.

During the 122nd over, when Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari were batting to give India the consolidation, Paine indulged in dirty sledging from behind the stumps. On two occasions, Ashwin took the guard and backed away as verbal sledging continued from Paine.

The legendary Indian player Sunil Gavaskar slammed Paine for his poor act and said, “First and foremost, it was unbefitting of a captain of a national team to be talking about something other than cricket. By all means, you want to have a go at the opposition, you talk about their cricket, you can tell the batsmen he doesn’t know how to play, you can say he is no good. All those kinds of things are completely acceptable because you’re talking cricket. But when you talk about something else, it shows your frustration. It shows you are not able to bear the fact that the opposition is putting up a fight,” Sunil Gavaskar told India Today.

“At the end of the day, the Indians had the last laugh. R Ashwin had the last laugh for whatever Tim Paine was saying. I don’t know I am not an Australian selector, but his days as captain are numbered. If you allow the Indian team to bat 130-odd overs without getting wickets, this is a very good Australian attack. The bowling changes, the field placements, everything could have made a difference to the result,” Gavaskar added.

“But Tim Paine was more interested in talking to the batsman rather than his field placing and bowling changes. So I won’t be surprised if there is a change in the Australian captaincy after the series is over. If you drop simple catches, Rishabh Pant got two edges, they were not difficult catches, the last one which he missed off Vihari was also which he could have left to the first slip. He was a little bit disturbed, his concentration was not thereafter that little episode with R Ashwin.”

“But see, this game, I had the former Australian captain sitting next to me and doing commentary. He said this game has a wonderful way of coming back and biting you on the back. Your best bet is to concentrate on the game and try not to upset the opposition with this kind of nonsense that has no place in the game,” Gavaskar further said.

Fighting all the odds, the injuries and the poor sportsmanship spirit from Aussies, Ashwin and Vihari stoicism paid off. The duo batted for almost three hours and faced 45 odd overs. This turned out to be a historic moment where Indian team batted all day long on Day 5 to draw the match.

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