India vs England 2021: Wasim Jaffer comes up with hilarious response to Jofra Archer’s ‘showtime’ tweet

Jofra Archer had reacted to a view of the pitch for the third test saying, "Showtime".

Jofra Archer

Former Indian opener Wasim Jaffer came up with a hilarious reply to English fast-bowler Jofra Archer in a tweet referencing Indian pitches. There has been a lot of talk surrounding the Indian pitches over the course of the ongoing test series between India and England.

During the first test in Chennai, a new curator was hired and the pitch turned out to be flat as ever during the first two days before deteriorating fast in the last two days. This led to the toss playing a crucial part in the match which was won by England. It is noteworthy that there were reports going around that the pitch for the first test would be a green pitch similar to ones in England. The same turned out to be false as well.

In the second test which also took place in Chennai, the ball started spinning right from ball 1 which turned out to be advantageous for India’s spinners given their quality. This led to a lot of experts labeling the pitch as an ‘unplayable rank-turner’. Now, with the third test being a day/night test in Ahmedabad, it remains to be seen how the pitch will play out when it begins on February 24.

Wasim Jaffer brutally trolls English pacers

Journalist Brian Murgatroyd tweeted out a view of the pitch in Ahmedabad for the third test as it was being made ready. The pitch had a lot of grass in it as the video showed. Noticing the same, Jofra Archer replied to the tweet with a GIF from the movie, The Incredibles, saying “Showtime”. Wasim Jaffer then came up with a hilarious reply to Archer’s tweet.

He referenced as to how the groundsmen will cut all the grass by the time the test starts by posting a meme where a man goes after a woman only to be stopped by another man. He labelled the chasing man as the English pacers and the woman as a green pitch. The man who stops the English pacers is the groundsmen who haven’t cut the grass yet but will. The tweet has since then, gone viral on social media.

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