Indian’s In Favour Of Equal Pay For Women Athletes | A BBC Report


In a recently concluded survey conducted by BBC World News Service, it was found that a very good majority of Indians are in support of women athletes getting equally paid like their male counterparts. However, 38 percent of the survey suggested that sports featuring women are not as entertaining as those featuring men. 

This research was conducted under the guidance of Mr. Santanu Chakrabarti, the Head of Audience Research at BBC World. As stated in the report, it was based on answers received from 10,181 responses from 14 Indian States. There were many questions related to sports participation and culture in India which were answered by the people participating in the survey, however, some of the main points which came up after the survey were as follows…

Indian’s Are Indeed, LAZY

The end results of this survey stated that more than 3 quarters of the Indian Population think that sports are important for their lives, but only 36% of this portion played sports or does any kind of physical activity regularly.

We Have FEWER Sports Enthusiasts Around

This report stated that 29% of women in India play or played any kind of sports, while this figure went to only 42% when asked by men. It was also stated that people in the age bracket 15-24 played the most sports, while only 30% of the married or divorced population in any age bracket played it, 54% of those who are unmarried was also a great part.

What About FEMALE Athletes

This research saw 41% of people believing sportswomen are equally good. Although, one third still said that sportswomen are not as good as sportsmen. People also confronted that according to 37% of them, female athletes are not feminine enough!

On the topic of gender equality in India, Santanu Chakrabarti said, “Our research shows attitudes towards women and women’s sports in India are complex, contradictory and counterintuitive. The research project shows that real progress has been made in terms of attitudes towards women and women’s sports yet some age-old stereotypes retain a hold on the imagination.”

“It shows that the idea of gender equality has become quite commonplace amongst the Indian population, even if this doesn’t always match with other views held. Most fascinating are the differences across the states, where attitudes sometimes conform to but more often than not completely upturn what people may expect,” he added.

Anyway, Both men and women agreed that playing sports is important to them. Yet, there are some sports which some people deem ‘not suitable’ enough for women, such as weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, kabaddi, and motorsports.

Some Other STATS

This survey saw that there is a larger gender indifference in Indian Cricket with only 15% of women taking part in it as compared to 25% of men. However, when it comes to Kabaddi, 15% of men and 11% of women were found taking part in the sport.

‘The sportiest’ states of India, according to the research were Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

This Survey also proved that when it comes to women’s sports, only 34% of the Indian population had any news about it, with only 18% of them claiming to have watched women’s sports personally (the equivalent figure for men’s sports was found 24%).


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