Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained

This article showcases the different options available in the interaction menu in GTA Online, the interaction menu in-game is very useful for players. It plays an important role in-game.

Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained

The interaction menu is one of the most important features in GTA Online. It is used for a variety of purposes and overall makes work easier. It is opened by the ‘M’ key on pc, ‘Touchpad’ on PlayStation, and the view button on the Xbox. In this article, we will explore the different menus and options available in the Interaction menu and what they do.

Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained
Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained 5

Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained:

Quick Gps:

Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained
Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained 6

This menu places a quick waypoint to any location it is selected on. It removes the need to open the map, while also being vulnerable, search for the location manually and placing the waypoint. It saves a little extra time which can be beneficial in the long run.

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Cash: This option is only available on consoles. It helps in sharing cash from the last job between players.

Accessories: This option allows the player to change hats, glasses, heist gear, masks, or even saved outfits on the go without visiting a clothes store or a wardrobe.

Body Armor: Equip, Super light, light, standard, heavy or super heavy armor that you have already purchased from a gun store.

Parachute: Has options to hide or show parachutes and customize it such as smoke trails, bag colors, etc.

Snacks: Eat or drop the available snack in your inventory. These can be purchased from convenience stores or can be obtained for free from the CEO office.


Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained
Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained 7

These list the daily objectives. Each player has a different set of objectives. Completing all 3 of them in a day will reward the player with cash and RP.

Impromptu Race:

Challenges the nearby players to a street race to any destination marked on the map.


Select the preferred quickplay action from the list of actions available in this menu.

Request personal Vehicle:

This options delivers your last used vehicle to your current location.

Empty Personal Vehicle:

This options removes any enemy player in your vehicle on the spot.

Vehicle Doors:

Open the required front or back doors. The hood or the trunk can also be opened using this option.

Vehicle Acess:

Specifies what kind of players can enter your vehicle leaving the other kinds of players locked out of the vehicle. Options are everyone, passengers, crewmates, friends only and no one.

Voice Chat:

Specifies what players can hear you through your mic when you use it. Options are everyone, crewmates, friends.

Spawn Location:

Sets the spawn location in which the player spawns next time he loads into GTA Online or changes session.

Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained
Interaction Menu in GTA Online Explained 8

Kill Yourself:

Commit suicide to spawn on the nearest strip of land. Especially helps when stuck in the middle of the ocean or glitched out.

These were the different options available to the players in the Interaction Menu. They are a small quality of life options which seems insignificant but can help out in the long run.

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