International federations have been asked to finalize dates of Tokyo Olympics qualifiers: Reports


All International federations have been asked by the International Olympic Committee to finalize all the dates of the qualifiers of Tokyo Olympics which will be held in 2021.

IOC has set the new deadline for the qualification of Tokyo Olympics which is June 29, 2021.

On 15th May, IOC said in a statement that, “As some event dates and locations remain to be determined due to uncertainty over IF (international federations) calendars, we thank you in advance to keep us informed once events, dates and locations start to be confirmed so that these can be included in the qualification systems as soon as possible.”

The committee further added, “With the revised qualification systems in place, the IOC Sport Operations Managers will continue to collaborate closely with you to work on potential contingency plans should the nominated Olympic qualification events not be able to take place.”

IOC is hoping to facilitate all the arrangements until July. On this committee said, “We would like to have these plans ready by July and then depending on the evolution of the global situation we can discuss with you if it is necessary to publish these contingency plans and officially include them in the individual qualification systems at an agreed point.”

The sports department and international federation are working together to finalise the process for the qualification.

As they both are working together to make the Tokyo Olympics cost-effective. It said, “The Sports Department is working closely with Tokyo 2020 to identify potential areas for optimization without impacting the athlete experience or compromising the field of play and conduct of the competition.”

The committee further added, “The ASOIF Olympic and Multi-Sports Games Consultative Group (AOMSG) will also be engaged to aid the identification of suitable areas for optimizations and cost savings, which will then be addressed with each IF on a sport-specific basis.”


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