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Introduction of Computer changed the approach of chess: Viswanathan Anand

5-time World champion Viswanathan Anand feels that the arrival of computer systems has modified the best way gamers have approached chess through the years, with the 2 opponents sitting in entrance of the board remaining the one fixed within the sport.

Speaking about his journey, the world champion stated that he needed to work very hard to develop into the participant he’s at the moment.

“I was six years old when my older brother and sister were playing chess, and then I went to my mom and asked her to teach me as well. My progress as a chess player wasn’t sudden, it came through lots of hard work over many years,” Anand said in a statement.

“The chess I learnt in the 80s, we no longer play chess like that. The introduction of computers has changed the approach, the way you study completely. Only the two players in front of the board has not changed,” he added.

He said that chess requires you to study the mind of the opposition and understand that what will be the next move of him.

“In chess, you don’t beat the board. It’s more important to beat the player on the other side. Everyone thinks you make the best moves, but it’s more about who makes the last mistake on the board,” Anand said.

“You need to constantly put yourself in the minds of the opponents and study their game along with your own,” he added.

The 50-year-old stated he hits the fitness center to launch the pent up stress within the physique after each sport.

“You cannot pump your fist and there’s no emotional release in a game like chess. After a game I always go to the gym not for fitness but to calm down and the stress goes away”, he said that

1987 World Junior chess championship and the 2017 World Rapid Championship are the two most important tournaments of Anand’s career.

“Winning the first World Junior in 1987 was a match I will never forget, the feeling of overcoming the Russians gave me great pride.” he said.

“And, winning the World Rapid Chess Championship in 2017, at a time in my career when I was contemplating retirement, that win came just at the right time and gave me great satisfaction” he added in a statement.