IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta voices against rushing athletes into training amid rising COVID-19 cases

Rajeev Mehta . (Getty Images)

Rajeev Mehta, secretary-general of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) raised his voices against rushing athletes to training as the coronavirus cases has been increasing at a very fast rate.

Mehta said that at that time when coronavirus pandemic is hitting the India hardly, this is a wrong move and can have a bearing on their Olympic preparation.

Mehta also expressed his point against when Sports Ministry approved SOP which is released by Sports Authority of India on Thursday. In which guidelines are mentioned under which athletes will resume their outside training.

Recently after the guidelines of lockdown 4.0 issued by government where home ministry allowed the opening of sports complexes and stadiums. Then SAI’s SOP 12 guidelines agreement came forward but there is no certainty when the training will resume.


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