IOC sets new deadline for Tokyo Olympics qualification period

Olympic games are postponed to July 2021 AFP

Due to the great COVID-19 pandemic many games were cancelled or postpones same has happened with Tokyo Olympics which has been postponed for the year. Now IOC (International Olympic Committee) has issued the new deadline for qualification period in June 29, 2021.

IOC said in a statement “The new qualification period deadline is 29 June 2021 and IFs can define their own qualification period deadlines should the deadline be prior to this date.” And another step taken by the Olympic Governing body has extended the deadline for ‘final sport entries’ which has been set for July 5, 2021.

This revision will give certainty to athletes for the qualification system which will be finalised as soon as possible. This will further encourage the International Federation to follow like-for-like approach for those who have lost the opportunity to allocating quota with same number of event.

On this IOC said “In line with the principle that athletes who have qualified for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 remain qualified, it is possible for IFs to extend the age eligibility criteria, if any, and allow athletes who are eligible in 2020 to remain eligible to compete at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 from July 23 to August 8,2021.”

On March 24, one mega decision has been taken, for the first time in the 124 years history of mega global event, the Olympic games were postpone by a year. This was confirmed by IOC and Japan’s PM have agreed to reschedule it next year due to corona virus. It was also decided that the original name of Tokyo 2020 will remain intact and will take place next year from 23 July to 8 August and Paralympics games will take place from 24 August to 5 September 2021.


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