IOC will be facing added costs of ‘several hundred Million USD’: Reports


The International Olympic Committee will reportedly be facing added costs of several 100 million dollars because of the historical postponement of The 2020 Tokyo Games, as informed by the body’s president, Thomas Bach spoke in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt.

Bach said, it was “impossible to say for now” the give the exact extent of the added costs required for the IOC for conducting the global tournament next year.

He said, “We agreed with the prime minister that Japan will continue to cover the costs it would have done under the terms of the existing agreement for 2020, and the IOC will continue to be responsible for its share of the costs.”

Bach further added, “For us, the IOC, it is already clear that we shall be faced with several hundred million dollars of additional costs.”

Before the postponement, Japanese organizers estimated that the official cost of the tournament to be $12.6 billion. Although, a government audit report in the year 2019, said that the costs were at least twice that.

Earlier, Tokyo said that the 2020 Games would be costing about $7.3 billion when it won the bid in 2013.

The CEO of Tokyo organizing committee, Toshiro Muto said that the pandemic has left some doubts about the games going ahead the very next year. Postponement will cost Japan an additional 2 to 6 billion dollars.

He said, “I don’t think anyone would be able to say if it is going to be possible to get it under control by next July or not, We certainly are not in a position to give you a clear answer.”

When asked about the possibility of another postponement, rather ansering it directly, Bach later said that, “Japanese organizers and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made it very clear to me that Japan could not manage a postponement beyond next summer at the latest.”

Next, Bach was asked if this pandemic has provided an opportunity for some athletes to violate some of the doping rules with no threat of testing in mind, to this Bach answered, “No one should feel confident that they don’t get caught.”

Bach was also asked about Russia’s status for the Olympics in the year 2021, as Russia was hit with a four-year ban from international sports which included Olympics too due to a doping scandal last year.

Although, many of the Russian athletes were expected to be given the green signal to compete if they could show they were clean.

He said, “The Russia question is currently under consideration by the CAS, the independent international Court of Arbitration for Sport, so it wouldn’t be right for me to comment on it.”

Reportedly, The election will be taking place in 2021, and Bach is required to notify about his intentions to re- participate six months before the voting begins. He was first elected in the year 2013 and is highly expected to be given another term.

Talking about this he concluded by saying, “There’s still plenty of time.”


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