IPL 2020: “A lot of things didn’t go CSK’s way,” says Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra, former India captain, believes MS Dhoni would turnaround CSK's performance. Calls him, "match winner".

MS Dhoni CSK
MS Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are the three time champions of IPL. However, their performance in the 2020 IPL has been exceptionally poor.

CSK had made a dramatic exit from being in contention for the Playoffs, having lost 8 out of 12 matches. MS Dhoni, skipper of CSK, had been blamed, trolled and criticised incessantly for the franchise’s poor performance.

However now, Anjum Chopra, the former captain of the Indian Women’s Team, has defended the team and the skipper saying, “I think he should be (at the center of CSK for the next couple of years). And why not? He is probably the only player who has never been to an auction and he has been a marquee player as well. He deserves to be there as well. Just because one season hasn’t worked for the team collectively, that doesn’t mean the leader is bad.”

CSK had to come up with Plan C


A lot of things didn’t go their way. Obviously, we are aware that they are good at their own backyard, which is Chepauk. We also have to be fair and realistic about it as well. They have dominated this format. Once the start wasn’t that good, they were always playing catch-up,” Chopra said.

CSK, who is at the bottom of the IPL team ranking table had suffered several set backs with key players being injured and senior cricketers not in their best form following a long absence from the competitive matches.

When you are chopping and changing, it becomes difficult. There is always a Plan A and a Plan B, but then when you have to start with a Plan C, you’re always playing catch-up.” Chopra said.

CSK may need to revamp

Kedar Kadhav CSK

MS Dhoni is too experienced and too good a player… he has been match-winner. He knows what are the challenges and what are the things that they need to do from hereon. He wouldn’t have won all those titles, if he didn’t know what he was doing. I don’t think, just because one season hasn’t gone in their favour, it should really make a big difference,” said Anjum Chopra, who has now taken the commentator’s and analyst’s seat in the 2020 edition of IPL.

She noted further how the team needs to revamp, “But yes, going forward, MS Dhoni also would be knowing exactly how to revamp this team and change things around so that they start getting results they so desire.

There will be an opportunity for them to back and reassess where they have come from and where they are going to go,” She said while speaking to indiatoday.in

However, she also acknowledged that CSK needs to play even with another auction coming up.

I am sure they will be looking to maybe revamping or changing and chopping around. Also, another very important factor is whom are they going to pick? It’s not that everybody is going to lend all their players,” she said further.

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