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IPL 2020 to start from 26th September, Check tentative dates here…

After a speculation or two being sparkled every day about the IPL being held or not. And even if does where is it going to hosted and when? BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly wrote a letter to the member state associations. The copy of the same clearly indicates that the BCCI’s top priority is going all out to look for options to organize the IPL’s 13th edition this very year itself.


Ganguly had earlier expressed his concerns on the huge loss the BCCI could bear, rounding up-to nearly, Rs.4000 Cr. Many reports suggested that the concerned board has had a meeting with IPL stakeholders and team owners indicating a tentative schedule from 26th September to 8th November for the IPL.

There are 3 venues also which are being suggested if in case IPL is decided to be held overseas. These are Sri Lanka, UAE, and New Zealand.


Although the BCCI is waiting for an official word to be announced about the T20 World Cup, in Australia. Sources indicate that as many international series are being postponed to 2021, the T20 World Cup could meet the same fate.

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“We can’t keep our plans on hold. ICC has to decide on the T20 World Cup way forward and we have to decide on our plans. That is the reason tentative window has been zeroed down and we will start preparing as per this window for IPL”, said one of the BCCI members.

Whereas one had to understand, if the IPL would be hosted anywhere in the world, there would be necessary restrictions imposed. Such as action behind closed doors, the play could be limited to fewer venues, etc.

The only visible roadblock to BCCI’s intent currently is the T20 World Cup and if the ICC decides to remove that, the Indian Cricketing board is ready with their plan for IPL 2020.

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