Is Bradley Beal better off playing somewhere else other than Washington Wizards?

Bradly Beal's trade could be a fortune for teams running for playoff spot as his average is more than 30 points per game in the 2020-21 season

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Bradley Beal

NBA has given some of the prominent players that have showed excellent skills for the game. Bradly Beal is one such player who is definitely ruling the game as of now. Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards have shared one such relationship. The team hasn’t shown any sign backing their star player. Bradly Beal has already a 60-point game in the league. He has been contributing significantly for the Washington Wizards. However, the team has continuously let him down. Washington Wizards have lost 6 of their last 7 matches consecutively. The team is really in deep trouble seeded at the bottom of the conference.

After trade rumors of Bradley Beal was aired from unknown sources, a chaos broke out. The performance that he has displayed has attracted a number of teams waiting with open hands to get the man. Bradly Beal has had an excellent season until now. He has displayed some great skills and his ability to score is flawless. The trade option could put any of the team in the front seat altogether. If any of the franchise who have underperformed acquire him, it has to be their change in fortune. But the major question that pops up is “Is Bradly Beal ready for a trade?”

Is Bradley Beal better off to be traded to some other team than Washington Wizards?

The way Beal has displayed his game, it is lucrative for the teams. But is Beal better playing with other franchises? After the trade rumors, NBA analysts pointed out that the LA Lakers and Clippers would be most interested with the trade. If at all the Lakers acquire him, it can definitely boost the morale. LeBron James and team can be less burdened with the scoring option. Even on the defensive end, Bradly is very useful. Bradley Beal can convert all the open shots. With a passing team like the Lakers, it is most likely preferable. The Clippers also seem interested as predicted. They have been lacking a good shot maker under pressure. Beal could release all of it with his potential to draw the defense and find open man.

Although, Bradly Beal has a different story to this trade insight. He clearly seemed to decile any such rumor of trade request. He spoke out when confronted that he wished to stay and win with the Washington Wizards. But how long? If the team under performs every time letting their superstar down, they will face consequences.

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