Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones next after UFC 253, Dana White hinted

After a breathtaking performance from Israel Adesanya in UFC 253 main event, who is next for him Dana White hinted it can be Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya

The most hyped fight amongst UFC fans just took place between the Last Style Bender, Israel Adesanya, and The Eraser Paulo Costa. In which Adesanya one-sidedly dominated the fight and he is still the middleweight champ.

But apart from this fight, the Light Heavyweight title was also on line today after Jon Jones vacated his title. Ian Blachowicz knocked Reyes out in this fight and held the belt in his hand. But does that takes Jon Jones out of the equation?

Jones was reacting on social media throughout the fight and, UFC president Dana White also doesn’t think so in the latest interview that Jones is out of the equation he said, “Jon hasn’t moved up to heavyweight yet. We don’t know what Jon’s gonna do”.

He also added “If you’re Jon Jones right now, you probably sit back and watch what happens this weekend, see who wins, how they win, and maybe make them defend the title and then you come back and try to regain it”.

Adesanya vs Jones

Adesanya and Jon Jones

Jon Jones has already left UFC, due to payment issues with Dana White but this conversation heated up the speculations of Jones vs Adesanya. Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya don’t really like each other.

There is already a lot of bad blood between these fighters and they are facing an opportunity to get in the ring with each other and settle it once in for all, who is the greatest.

Dana White said to Jones, “If Adesanya wins this weekend, you fight Adesanya, I don’t know. Jon Jones is in a good position right now”. So are we going to see Adesanya vs Jones next or will Jon go to claim his title back again as Ian called him out after the fight?

Jones isn’t already getting bulked up yet does that means he has dropped the plans to move to heavyweight decision. This move has put the Last Style Bender standing on his toes until 2021.

If this fight is going to take place, it is going to be an absolute clash of the titans of two weight divisions.

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