“It was a strange kind of lack of motivation,” Novak Djokovic on life post US Open 2020

Novak Djokovic has talked about how the disqualification at the US Open was a bitter pill to swallow for him. He even indicated that he might have suffered from a mild form of depression.

Novak Djokovic( checking on the lines woman who he accidentally hit, on the throat, with a tennis ball. This incident finally led to Novak Djokovic being disqualified in the 4th round of the US Open, 2020)

Novak Djokovic was well on course to winning his 18th Grand Slam at the US Open last year, 2020. But, sometimes destiny has other plans for us, and Djokovic got a glimpse of that when he got disqualified from the event under bizarre circumstances.

In his 4th round match, he accidentally hit the lines women in the throat with the ball, and that led to his disqualification from the event. Post the event Novak Djokovic says the incident continued to affect him. He even felt a lot of demotivation at times. Djokovic has also gone on record and said that  he was extremely sorry about the incident, but couldn’t guarantee it will never happen again. 

Novak Djokovic was determined to prove everyone wrong and win the Australian Open

Novak Djokovic

Before the Australian Open a lot of people were doubting Novak Djokovic. Some even cheekily announced that Djokovic was retiring at the end of this event. There were all kinds of rumors doing the rounds. Mostly because his season didn’t end well, in comparison to his lofty standards.

And then when he picked up the muscle injury in his third round encounter against American Taylor Fritz, people thought that was it! But Novak Djokovic made a comeback and how. In his next couple of rounds he was immaculate. But he still had that injury, and once in a while when his shirt lifted, you could see the dressing on it. 

It all culminated nicely for Djokovic in the end. He played a near perfect final, and gave his opponent no chance of challenging him. Such was his dominance that Daniil Medvedev was looking like a very ordinary player. In the end Djokovic won in straight sets, 7-5 6-2 6-2.

Coming into this tournament Djokovic had a lot of detractors who constantly questioned him. In the tournament itself, he had to deal with an injury. And when he was winning in spite of that injury, people questioned the authenticity of the injury. But Novak Djokovic overcame all that and more. He showed his grit and mental fortitude, and won his 9th Australian Open trophy.

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