It was impossible to set a date for a return to Serie A: Vincenzo Spadafora


On Wednesday, the Sports Minister of Italy, Vincenzo Spadafora warned that it was impossible to set a date for a return to Serie A action as the country grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

During the question time in Italys Parliament, Spadafora said, “We all hope that the championships can resume regularly, at the same time today it is impossible to set a certain date.”

He added, “We must wait for data on the curve of contagions in the next two weeks, since only two days ago the country started the gradual phase of reopening. Only then will the government be able to decide.”

Italian Football has been come to halt due to the coronavirus outbreak and more than 29,000 people have lost their lives in Italy.

Italian Football Federation (FIGC) will meet the government’s Technical Scientific Committee on Thursday to discuss the medical protocol for group training.

Spadafora also said, “We hope the hearing will give the green light for team training sessions, considering also that football does not allow for safety distances or the use of personal protective equipment.”

The minister also said about the resumption of football is “Quite incomprehensible” in the eyes of millions of Italians worried about their health and their work.

He further added, “The idea of establishing now the date of resumption of the championship contrasts with the need to define the steps based on the trend of the data.”

He said, “I remind you that for the moment the only certain dates are for those countries that have decided to block the championships.”

On Wednesday, Germany’s Bundesliga got the green light to restart behind closed doors from mid-May. Besides, France and the Netherlands have ended their season.


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