It would be irresponsible to resume too early: FIFA president amid coronavirus crisis


Sport around the world has been brought to a standstill by COVID-19, which has killed more than 95,700 people globally. FIFA president, Gianni Infantino said it could be “more than irresponsible” to restart any competitions this early amid the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. He also said that “ it is not worth putting at risk any human life for any game, competition or league”.

The Bundesliga could restart in May, behind closed doors, as leagues start to plan and prepare for resumptions, but Infantino warned it would be dangerous to get going again too early.

“As our main priority, our principles, the ones we employ in our competitions and also we invite to everyone to follow, is health comes first,” quoted Infantino as saying. “As much as I emphasise it, it is not enough. It’s not worth to put at risk any human life for any game, any competition, nor any league. Everyone should have this clear in their minds,” he added.

All football leagues have been brought to a standstill because of the threat caused by the COVID-19. Infantino also referred that it would be ‘irresponsible’ to restart the competition if the situation is not 100 percent safe.

“It would be more than irresponsible to restart the competitions if the situation is not safe 100 per cent. If you must wait a bit more time, we must do it. It is better to wait a bit more than taking risks,” he said.

World wide, around 1,605,235 peoples are tested positive and 95,751 casualties have taken place, due to The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.


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