SERIE A: Spezia vs Juventus player ratings as the Biaconerri register their first win of the season in a hard fought encounter

Here are the player ratings for the Serie A fixture between Spezia vs Juventus

Juventus were surprised by Spezia’s discipline with the ball. Juventus hardly had the ball in the first ten minutes. It took around twenty minutes for them to control the possession and stamp their authority. And this change shift in domination resulted in a goal by Moise Kean in the 28th minute.

But, the Biaconerri could not enjoy the lead for long as Spezia came back in to the game just five minutes later via a wonder goal from Gyasi. Juventus continued their domination in possession as they tried to find another goal but, to no avail.

The second half saw Spezia score early to go in to the lead with a goal from the youngster Antiste. It was not until 66h minute did Juventus make a comeback in to the game through Chiesa’s goal. Then, they made no mistake in taking advantage of the situation by scoring their third within the next six minutes.

The rest of the match only required game management as there was no effective retaliation from Spezia. The match ended 3-2 in favour of Juventus.

Here are the player ratings:


Janis Antiste (8/10): He took advantage of his pace against Bonucci who was out of position for the second Spezia goal. He started the run in his own half before cutting in and firing a low shot in to the left bottom corner.

Emmanuel Gyasi (8/10): Players like him need only a moment to change the fate of a match, and he did just that. After receiving the a deflected ball at the left extreme of the box, he managed to cut inside and drive a powerful shot in to the net leaving goalkeeper with very less chance of saving it.

Guilio Maggoire (6/10): He was very effective, especially during the first half. He started to ghost the game as the time passed by.

Daniele Verde (7/10): He was the most consistent player in attack for Spezia. He made runs and played balls in to the box relentlessly and made a huge difference for his team.

Mehdi Bourabia (7/10): He made some crucial passes in the build-up to the goals for his team. He was having a good game until he was taken off by his manager in what seemed like a strange decision.

Salvador Ferrer (6/10): He was absent for the most part of the match. He was sloppy with the ball and out of position far too often. The opposition was clever enough to recognize his shortcomings and exploited them full.

Simone Bastoni (7/10): He had a great game offensively. He was a part of almost all the attacks for his team. The only problem was his defense; he did not track back when required as the opposition took advantage.

Dimitrios Nikolaou (5/10): His performance was abysmal throughout the match. He looked out of place as the opposition’s attack started to build up consistency.

Petko Hristov (5/10): Both the centre-halves were below par. He started off well by making some crucial interceptions, but very soon, his performance went downhill.

Kelvin Amian (6/10): He had to face the most number of attacks, as Juventus had a great presence in that part of the pitch. He failed to control Rabiot and Moise Kean, both of whom were involved in the first goal.

Jeroen Zoet (7/10): He had a good game as he had to be on his toes to deflect some of Dybala’s shots, particularly in the second half. However, he was not helped by the poor showing from the defense in front of him.


Rey Manaj (6/10): He came in for Verde who was out of gas. He tried his best, but was nowhere to be seen in the play.

M’Bala Nzola (6/10): It will be unfair to rate his performance as Juventus held all the control in the last 15 minutes and made it difficult for the likes of Nzola to make any difference.

Jacopo Sala (6/10): It was too late for this substitution as the damage was already done. He came in at a time when the opposition was managing the game by keeping the possession.

Eddie Salcedo: N/A


Moise Kean (8/10): He benefitted from being in the right place at the right time as he received a header won by Rabiot just outside the box and pounced on it by placing his shot to the bottom left corner. He may not be consistent, but he is so lethal in such situations.

Paulo Dybala (7/10): He was lethal with set pieces and shots close to the box. He also helped delight put Juventus in to the lead through his delivery.

Adrien Rabiot (7/10): He set up Moise Kean for the first goal. His runs in to the box were crucial for Juventus to keep pace with the opposition.

Weston McKennie (6/10): Apart from a few tackles and interceptions, he had a quiet game when compared to his teammates and the opposition.

Rodrigo Bentancur (6/10): Bentancur was a bit clumsy with his passing as he gave away too many balls in the midfield and also was unable to hold off the pressure from the opposition.

Federico Chiesa (8/10): As it was the case in all the matches this season; the saviour for Juventus was Chiesa. His runs and balls in to the box were of top quality. But, he was not supported well enough by his teammates who often left him alone in the attack.

Mattia De Sciglio (6/10): He failed to contain Verde on the right flank as most of their attacks came from this very side. He was eventually taken off at the half time.

Leonardo Bonucci (5/10): He had an uncharacteristic game. It was strange considering his experience and quality to give away the Spezia’s second goal so cheaply. He just couldn’t keep up with the pace of Antiste once he was out of position and this led to the second goal.

Matthijs de Ligt (7/10): He scored the all-important winner for Juventus in the 72nd minute from a Dybala cross, but, had a game to forget defensively.

Danilo (6/10): He allowed too much space and time to Gyasi as the latter took his time to send a powerful shot in to the back of the net.

Wojciech Szczesny (7/10): He could’ve done better in attempting to save Gyasi’s shot as he had a clear view of the action and the ball went so close from him.


Alex Sandro (7/10): His inclusion added a great deal of urgency to the play and was very active throughout the match.

Manuel Locatelli (7/10): It all worked out at the end as Juventus won, but, his defensive performance was questionable. However, he helped a great deal in attack which made the difference in the outcome of the match.

Alvaro Morata (7/10): He came in for Moise Kean, the goal scorer as the latter was fading away. Morata applied pressure with his dribbles and passing as Juventus tried to make a comeback in the second half. His inclusion was very impactful considering the end result.

Federico Bernardeschi (6/10): He was hardly seen in the picture in Juventus’ resurgence. While he did kay with his passing in the middle of the park, he failed to make an impact.

Dejan Kulusevski: N/A

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