Italy’s Sports Minister purposes To End Serie A Season


Italy’s Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora said that it would be much easier to end Serie A season immediately as it is not guaranteed to resume. As Serie A season was suspended last month due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Resumption must be gradual. Opinion polls would like football to stop here. I’m not a person who gets influenced by opinion polls. I don’t decide along the lines of common sentiment. It would be much easier to end the season immediately and the scientific community would agree,” quoted Spadafora as saying.

“Carrying on the world of football is a very important thing for our country, but we must do it safely. Remember when Serie A didn’t stop? How many teams have gone into quarantine? The Italian Football Federation submitted a protocol and it was considered,” he added.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Sunday confirmed that the players would be allowed to resume their individual training program from May 4.

However, the Sports Minister also said that the permission to resume training does not guaranteed to resume the Serie A season.

“We have been working to resume training from May 18, but that doesn’t mean the leagues will start up again,” Spadafora said.

As the sports action has come to halt due to Coronavirus pandemic including some top competitions across the world.

According to worldometer, over 3 million people are tested positive for Coronavirus pandemic and 210,000 people are died worldwide due to this deadly virus.


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