It’s always a good thing, as they want to see something new: Novak Djokovic

It’s always a good thing, as they want to see something new: Novak Djokovic

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Before beating Nadal for the first time in Masters 1000, Novak Djokovic was given a hard time by Federer, when he lost to him in 2007 Australian Open.

Before setting another clash against the Spaniard in Miami quarter-final, Novak did learned a lesson, as in Indian Wells, Rafael surely proved to be too strong to be beaten up easily.

Leaving the space for the youngsters to show their new colours, unfortunately then world No.1, Federer losing in both Indian Wells and Miami to Guillermo Canas wasn’t among the title runners at the opening Masters 1000 title.

After a couple of Roger Federer’s dominant season, just how bullets leave the gun the young ones were making their way towards the top, here we are talking about Novak, who in both events, in semis played against his coeval Andy Murray.

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Novak kept Rafael under pressure and won 15 out of 20 game behind the serve and saved four out of five break chances.

Djokovic did make a mistake which led Nadal shine up again on bright side of scoreboard, but as it is said sometimes you equally need luck is equally important as hardwork, and in the ninth game with a hold at love and clinch the set with an impressive volley.

Saying altogether, Nadal, tried his best but couldn’t make it and had to allow the Serbian serve for the victory at 5-4 and scored his first triumph over Rafael Nadal.

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Djokovic said, “I’m expecting a nice battle against Andy, competing against each other in the second straight Masters 1000 semi-final; he must be fitter than in Indian Wells.”

“It’s great thing for tennis to see youngsters like Nadal, Murray and me playing at this level and bringing something new to tennis. Emotions are important for the sport. If the crowd sees a lot of emotions, thrilling points and winners from the upcoming players like us, it’s always a good thing, as they want to see something new. I think you all had enough of Roger Federer winning every tournament, so it’s good,” said Djokovic.

Then the whole decade belonged to Novak Djokovic as he ruled over Federer and Nadal. Currently chasing Roger Federer 20 Grand Slam titles, he is just three behind. With age and form in his favour, he can finish really high.

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