Manchester City vs Chelsea: All ENGLISH AFFAIR at the UEFA Champions League this season and we just can’t wait!

Manchester City and Chelsea are the two finalists of the UEFA Champions League this season. Once again it's two English teams that are in the finals.


Pep Guardialo’s Manchester City and Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are the two finalists for this year’s UEFA Champions League. Manchester City defeated Paris Saint Germain whereas Chelsea saw off Real Madrid in the semifinals respectively.

The dominance of the Spanish clubs in the UEFA Champions League is officially over. Over the last decade, the La liga teams have managed to dominate on the continental stage but slowly English teams are breaking their curse and progressing to the showpiece events.

The 2018/19 season saw an English affair in both the UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA Europa league finals. Arsenal faced off against Chelsea in the Europa league whereas Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur met for the champions league final at Madrid.

And this season as well we have the possibility of history repeating itself with Arsenal and Manchester United in action in the Europa League against AS Roma and Villarreal. It is going to be Manchester City vs Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final this season at Istanbul on the 29th of May.

Manchester City vs Chelsea: Final for this CL season

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City player’s celebrate

Both Manchester City and Chelsea have had a tough campaign but have successfully managed to evade all hurdles and secured a place in the finals. While Manchester City was always a strong candidate this season, they’ve had a challenge against themselves.

To break the curse of being knocked out in the quarter finals stage. Pep Guardiola’s men have been eliminated from the quarterfinals for the last three seasons and they were desperate to do so. And this didn’t come easy as they had to come up against a strong Borussia Dortmund team.

However what one must note is that the difference in this year’s Manchester City is the mentality. The temperament and the mentality is what matters in such crunch situation. And this is where they have excelled.

When we talk about the big champions league nights we have to talk about the nerves. Manchester City over the last three seasons have failed to have control over their nerves. Against Liverpool they lost the plot and the same happened against Tottenham Hotspur as well the following season.

It’s the small mistakes that were costing them. And most importantly last year’s heartbreak must have fuelled them with the fire to give it their all on the pitch this time around.

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Riyad Mahrez was on fire

City always had the quality but this time around it was about the calmness they had to show under pressure situation. Against Borussia Dortmund they had to come back from being a goal down and this they did brilliantly.

Moving on to the semifinals against Paris Saint Germain– what a mature performance from them. Didn’t lose heart, didn’t panic when they were being overrun by PSG in the first half but came back strong in the second half. Manchester City fully deserve to be in the finals.

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Thomas Tuchel creates history with Chelsea

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History makers

Club legend sacked. The hierarchy doesn’t show confidence in you and offers just an 18 month contract. You’ve been sacked by the club whom you took to the UCL final. And what does Thomas Tuchel do?

He turns Chelsea’s season around 180 degrees. What an impact this guy has had on Chelsea. It’s beyond words and is beyond understanding. Thomas Tuchel- whatever the result is in the finals deserves an applause.

Chelsea were the given no chance by ‘pundits’ and other rival fans when they were drawn up against Atletico Madrid. But they’ve managed to shut everyone’s mouth and how. Not a goal conceded against the La Liga toppers.

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A moment to cherish

Along came on FC Porto and half the job was done in the first half itself. Porto was brushed off easily but mind you this was a side which had eliminated Juventus and hence was nowhere a weak side.

But the main challenge came against the 13 times European champions in the semifinals. Real Madrid CF. It’s Zinedine Zidane, it’s Madrid in the knockout stages, it’s Kroos Modric and Casemiro, they’re impossible to defeat.

The main battle against Real Madrid was to get over the fear of their past achievements. When you look at the experience of the Madrid squad you instantly get intimidated. They’ve got players who have won the competition four times.

The blues silently and patiently listened to everything. And delivered on the pitch. Chelsea DOMINATED Real Madrid from the onset and gave them no space to breathe. The titans had been thrown off from their high perch by the young guns.

Even in the finals this young Chelsea side will be the underdog. But maybe this is what benefits them. The onus will be on Manchester City to win and that takes the pressure off. Can Thomas Tuchel become the second Roberto Di Matteo? Only time will tell.

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