‘It’s not a big deal and it hasn’t ever been a big deal’ – Curtis Blaydes welcomes USADA’s decision to stop testing fighters for Marijuana!

Blaydes himself had a win overturned in 2017, since he tested positive for Marijuana.

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Curtis Blaydes

Marijuana has been one controversial entity, especially in the world of UFC. There have been plenty of instances of fighters getting banned or suspended for testing positive for Marijuana. A lot of fighters have expressed their disappointment and frustration against being suspended for weed consumption. However, recently, the USADA announced that they would no longer be testing fighters for Marijuana, although the state commissions still would, which was seen as a welcome change.

Speaking about this in an interview with MMA Fighting, UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes – no stranger to being punished for weed consumption, welcomed the USADA’s decision and further revealed that weed never improves the performance of a fighter; in fact the only effect it might have, can be degrading, rather than improving.

It’s just an archaic group of people at the top who didn’t understand that weed isn’t the issue

Curtis Blaydes was quoted as saying, “I thought it’s about time. It’s not a big deal and it hasn’t ever been a big deal. It’s just an archaic group of people at the top who didn’t understand that weed isn’t the issue. Weed isn’t going to help you beat someone. If anything, it’s going to hurt you but it’s not going to help you.” [via MMA Mania]

Talking about the adverse effects pills cause on one’s body, Blaydes said, “Wouldn’t you rather have your athletes doing a natural way to help with the aches and bruises besides all the pills?. Pills are worse for your body, they’re worse for the athletes. You get a better product as a league or organization when you don’t focus your energy on something that isn’t a problem.” [via MMA Mania]

He then substantiated how major sporting leagues in America, have removed weed from the list of their banned substances. Speaking of which he said:

“All the major sports leagues around the world, the NHL, the NBA, the MLB, the NFL, removed it from their banned substances list because they realized they’d rather have their athletes smoking or using the creams or the drops and all that as opposed to getting hooked on opioids.” [via MMA Mania]

He concluded, “It doesn’t help you perform. I thought they were supposed to look for performance enhancing drugs? This is not a performance enhancing drug. Just off the definition of your job, why are you worried about marijuana? [The new anti-doping policy] means change is on the horizon. I don’t know how long it’s going to take but that was the first brick.” [via MMA Mania]

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