“It’s rare, not uncommon”: Second foil-stamped 2000 Rookie Tom Brady card auctioned for six-figures

Tom Brady breaks yet another record as a second copy of his rookie card sells for nearly the same amount as the first copy.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the GOAT of all GOATs, there is virtually no record in the NFL that he has not broken or set. The seven-time NFL champ recently announced that he was going to retire and just 40-days after that announcement, he went back on that and said that he is done playing. It comes as no surprise that Brady memorabilia has been auctioned off for ridiculous amounts. Who would not want to have a part of the GOAT’s legacy with them?

Tom Brady’s rookie card sold for nearly $400,000. This card was assumed to be a one-of-one card at the time of sale, however, since then it has been discovered that there is a second version of the card as well. The second card is also original. The card is a stamped 2000 Fleer Showcase Masterpieces card. It is not surprising that the card went for such high an amount as Brady’s supposed final TD ball to Mike Evans was valued at nearly $500,000.

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Second-card sells for nearly the same price as the first copy:

Tom Brady
The original Tom Brady rookie card that went for nearly half a million dollars

The second card is not fake, it has been authenticated at the major card-grading agencies such as Beckett Grading Services or BGS and the other one has been graded by Professional Sports Authenticator or PSA. The grading services knew about the existence of another card but did not reveal it when the first card was put for sale.

The buyer of this PWCC-listed card did not comment about their decision to buy the 8.5 graded, near-mint condition Brady rookie card. The initial listing price began at $1,000 and it went for sale at $396,000. That is just $4,000 shy of the price that the original card sold for.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

As per The Athletics’, Bill Shea spoke to Jesse Craig of PWCC. He noted that it is not uncommon to come across such situations, it is just rare. “We know of other instances of two 1-of-1 cards existing, it’s rare, but it does happen. We have heard but can’t confirm that there are two Peyton Manning 1-of-1s out there from this same set. Another we’ve heard of is the 2003 Exquisite Collection Kobe Bryant 1-of-1 having a second copy. Again, we can’t actively confirm these with images,” she concludes.

Brady memorabilia will just go up in value as he is likely to break more records before hanging it all up.

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