‘It’s time for Ronaldo to leave Juventus’ : Massimo Maura says Ronaldo and Juventus need to part ways

Massimo Maura says that Cristiano Ronaldo is an individualistic and selfish player and not a team man from any point of view.

Should Cristiano Ronaldo
Should Cristiano Ronaldo leave Juventus?

Former Juventus player Massimo Maura has said that the time has come that Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Juventus and looks for a new challenge. Ronaldo arrived in Turin from Real Madrid after having won it all at the Bernabeu and wanting to conquer other countries.

Should Cristiano Ronaldo move on from JUVENTUS?

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Cristiano Ronaldo

In no way has Cristiano Ronaldo’s record at Juventus been poor. He has scored 97 goals in just 126 appearances and looks like he can only score more. He will be aiming to hit the century in yet another league now. So far he’s won the Serie A twice along with two Supercopa Italia prizes in the bag too.

However it is true that UEFA champions league success has been hard to come by. This season Juventus were eliminated by FC Porto in the round of sixteen. It’s been a trend of Juventus to crumble under pressure in crucial matches even after having a five time champion in their ranks.

A talk or rather a rumour has been making the rounds of Ronaldo returning to the Bernabeu. If true it could be beneficial for both parties. Ronaldo could once again seek to extend champions league glory and Madrid will have their superstar back.

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Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has never been a leader where he has played and he never will be. He is like a company and his turnover is more important to him than the success of the team.

Cristiano doesn’t drag his team-mates along with him, he always wants them to give him the ball to score goals. He is a great individualist, he is not a team player.

From the point of view of results, Juventus with him did not do better than in the past, they even did worse in the Champions League. That is why the best thing for both of them is that their paths separate.”

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