“It’s tough to implement the things Roger Federer does, ” says Hubert Hurkacz


Polish Tennis star, Hubert Hurkacz was introduced to tennis by his mother as he heralds from a sporting family. However, he started taking a deep interest in the game by watching Roger Federer on TV.

Roger is an exceptionally effortless player and its difficult to copy him for his aqueous style, Hubert spoke to Essentially Sports in an exclusive interview.

“Yeah, I mean Roger is an amazing person. The way he plays is pretty unbelievable. So the way he hits the ball and the shots he selects, it’s tough to implement the things he does on the court. But obviously, you can learn from him a lot,” Hurkacz said.

“What Roger Federer has done for tennis has been incredible” Hurkacz added.

In the sporting world, Roger is the absolute example of grace and truly a glorify artist as it described in David Foster Wallace’s essay that Roger Federer is like Religious Experience and his instants on the court called as ‘Kinetic Beauty’.

Earlier, this year, Hubert praised 22-year-old about his game on the ATP Tour.

“I hope Federer has a few more years ahead of him to help improve the sport of tennis. What he has done for tennis has been incredible,” he said.

“I can only hope that there will be other players like him who will affect the sport. I’m doing what I can to improve the sport a little bit, even if it’s through great sportsmanship right now,” he added.

In their careers, the duo faced each other in quarterfinals of Indian Wells in 2019, where Hubert lost 6-4 6-4 to the Swiss Maestro.


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