It’s very important for their survival: Novak Djokovic on upcoming ATP Tournaments

It’s very important for their survival: Novak Djokovic on upcoming ATP Tournaments


Credit- ABC News

The sports world has lately only been flooded with Djokovic’s Adria tour news, and Novak who intentioned the tour with a pure heart for raising charity, ironically became tennis’ pantomime villain.


During the tour’s second stage at Zadar, 3 players along with World No.1 and his wife tested positive for the virus. However, everyone gave their extensive apologies via their social media accounts.

Although, this doesn’t really stop the criticism as along with World No.1’s health, his position as ATP player council president was also questioned.

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But Novak being one of the most kind-hearted ones, played a key role in helping lower-ranked players and many more amid COVID-19 debacle and not to forget also in formulating the revised ranking system for the 2020 season.

Now with the rising questions about whether the ATP tours should be held or not, the Serb has come to the defense of the ATP and its organizers.

In an interview with Serbian daily newspaper, Sportski, Djokovic said, “I welcome the fact that there is an effort and a commitment around the world, in particular in the United States and in Europe, to organise tournaments despite the great critics, health, economic, security.”

“I support the wish of the American Federation to organize tournaments in Washington, Cincinnati and the US Open because it’s very important for the survival of many tennis professionals. As in any field, we have many economic difficulties,” Djokovic added.


“Personally. I don’t have the kind of pressure that others have, I speak only from my own point of view. But I also understand that the vast majority of them need to play and make money,” Novak concluded.

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