IWL-Winning coach turns social worker to help people during pandemic

PC- The Hindu

Priya PV, Indian Women’s League-winning coach has turned to a social worker during this time of Crisis to contribute to the helpline center which gives essential medical supplies and food to the people of Kerala.

In an interaction with AIFF, Priya says, “We have been getting 150-200 calls every day. Most of these are for medicines. We make sure that whenever we get any requests for medicines, they are duly sent to those in need. No requests for medicines are ever turned down.”

She further explained how they are managing the calls “We are working from the headquarters in Kannur. There are tertiary helpline centers in different districts as well who have their own network of pharmacists, grocers and delivery executives. If we get a call from any of these districts, we forward the call to the respective helpline center.”

Not just Priya other athletes such as CK Vineeth, a Jamshedpur FC attacker has also joined with Priya in the same helpline to help those who are in need. Priya who had earlier coached India U-19 has taken a commendable step towards the nation in this difficult time.

She has also won the IWL 2019-20 as head coach. She is currently living away from her family to help the people of Kerala as her home is far away from the Help-center. She goes to meet her parents every weekend to make sure that their needs are fulfilled during this lockdown period.


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