JA Morant bounces back from injury to cause an upset over Philadelphia 76ers

Memphis Grizzlies' marquee player JA Morant bounces back from injury to score 17 points and 6 assists in win over 76ers

Memphis Grizzlies’ marquee player JA Morant

After JA Morant suffered sprained his left ankle against Brooklyn Nets. He was ruled out for at least 3-5 weeks having a grade 2 sprain. But he nearly pulled himself back onto the court in that particular match itself. Many were shocked to see Morant returning to action against the Philadelphia 76ers. He led the charge for Memphis Grizzlies, scoring 17 points and 6 assists to lead his side to a victory against the favored Philadelphia 76ers. 

The 76ers were without their leader Joel Embiid and marquee player Seth Curry, which was clear on the offensive end at times. Milton came off the bench for them to knock 28 points. While Tobias Harris knocked 21 points as well. With this win over the 76ers, the Grizzlies are now 6 in 12 on the win column.  

JA Morant leads Memphis Grizzlies over Philadelphia 76ers 

“I had to go through these tests, and I got to the last two, which was hopping just on that foot sideways, forward,” Morant said. “And I couldn’t. After that, I was frustrated, but you know, these are my guys, I’m very confident in them, and anything I can do to help, I’ll do for them.” 

“It was huge, in the fact that he wanted to come back so fast,” said rookie forward Xavier Tillman, who had 15 points and 4 rebounds in 28 minutes. “For a guy who is a franchise kind-of-guy, they’re usually able to take their time and make sure they are 110 percent before they come back. I’m not saying he wasn’t 110 percent, but he was dying and itching to come back and help us win games. 

“To see that from your head guy motivates everybody else, including me, being one of the rookies on the team. It’s like, ‘Hey man, forget nicks and bruises. The dude looked like he broke his ankle and he’s itching to get back. If I have nicks and bruises, I can play, and I can give my heart.'” 

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