Talking about the season opening race in Bahrain, Charles Leclerc gathered more praise than his counterpart Carlos Sainz. Majorly because of his brilliance in qualifying, yet Sainz showed very optimistic signs which made former F1 Champion Jacques Villeneuve to believe that Sainz could be a real headache for Leclerc at Ferrari. 

Leclerc on one hand has raw talent which is possessed by only few on the current grid. Whereas Sainz has got the experience of 2 amazing seasons with McLaren before joining Ferrari. As many F1 fans have suggested earlier, t’s only a matter of time before he comes good, lest a prestigious team like Ferrari wouldn’t have taken him in if they didn’t see something special. Villeneuve also shares a similar outlook. 

Jacques Villeneuve warns Charles Leclerc of Carlos Sainz at Ferrari 

Jacques Villeneuve said, “Carlos has never been in such an important team: he has built up over time, he arrives with determination and experience, he is used to confronting fast teammates. He’s cold, he’s studying, he can be very annoying to Charles.” 

Villeneuve can envision Carlos Sainz pestering Charles Leclerc at Ferrari. Although the Italian team may not admit it, from the outside looking in, there is definitely a clear number 1 and number 2 driver. But Villeneuve believes Sainz is capable of giving his teammate and the Maranello-based outfit some food for thought. 

Carlos certainly has held his ground facing the likes of Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg, and Lando Norris as his teammates. So he wouldn’t be too fazed against Leclerc, as Villeneuve rightly pointed out. 

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