Jae Crowder enters records; almost surpasses Shaquille O’Neal with +30 points in 4th quarter

Jae Crowder enters records; almost surpasses Shaquille O’Neal with +30 points in 4th quarter

Jae Crowder and Shaquille O'Neal

Jae Crowder and Shaquille O’Neal

It has always been the battle of the best in the NBA. Every time a record is set, players have always aimed to outscore it. The former NBA legend, champion and veteran Shaquille O’Neal is one such center who has many records to his name. During his prime he was unstoppable. Registering records one after another, the giant Laker was unparalleled back then. However, the players in this generation have stretched themselves too far. Jae Crowder finished with +30 points in the 4th quarter almost getting past the big man Shaquille O’Neal.

The Phoenix Suns crushed the New Orleans Pelicans by 18 points. The game slipped right away from Pelicans in the 3rd quarter when they gave up their defense. Chris Paul schooled Lonzo Ball getting a side-step triple from the corner. It was almost as if Pelicans let it slip away. Devin Booker was the highest scorer for Suns with 23 points. However, Jae Crowder’s amazing stat almost wrecked Shaq’s record. Jae Crowder was unmatched in the 4th quarter. He had +30 in the quarter. According to ESPN, “Jae Crowder finished +30 in the 4th quarter. Over the last 25 seasons, the only player with a higher plus-minus in a 4th quarter is Shaquille O’Neal in 2002 (+32).”


Can Jae Crowder’s consistency be any good to Suns as he almost surpasses Shaquille O’Neal

After Miami Heat’s 2020 post season, the franchise released Crowder. The Phoenix Suns were wise enough to acquire him. And Crowder hasn’t let down any part of it. Since joining the Suns, he has been in a great form. He is averaging 10.7 points per game. The Suns are happy on their choice but it is not the same for Miami.

After Miami Heat released Crowder they seem to have released their fortune as well. The franchise is struggling this season. They are no way any closure to be compared to their last season. Since Jae Crowder has been making his presence felt at Phoenix, the franchise will be optimistic to penetrate deeper into playoffs.

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