Jai VS Shirou in Free Fire: Stats Comparison after OB26 update

We take a look at Jai VS Shirou in Free Fire.


Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game in the gaming community right now. Likewise the game has garnered massive popularity. One of the reasons for its popularity is the varied and unique characters that are present in the game. The game currently has 35 characters and is set to get its latest addition soon. All the characters, except Nulla and Primis, have unique abilities that helps them make game-changing plays and trick opponents. in this article we compare two such characters, Jai and Shirou. We take a look at Jai VS Shirou to see who has the better abilities on the battlegrounds.

Character ability analysis


Jai’s character model is based on the famous Bollywood superstar, Hrithik Roshan. Likewise his ability is called Raging Reload. This ability automatically reloads the gun’s magazine by 10% of its maximum capacity after taking down an opponent. With the increase in level, the ability also enhances. However this ability is only applicable to three types of weapons – Pistols, ARs and SMGs.


Shirou is the latest addition to be made into the game. His in-game description tells us that he is the fastest delivery guy around. Moreover his ability is called Damage Delivered. This ability marks the first target that hits you within a 50m radius for 3 seconds. Moreover the first shot fired against this opponent has 10% armor penetration.

At max level the mark radius increases to 100m as well as the duration increases to 8 seconds. Moreover the armor penetration gets buffed up to a 100%.

Jai VS Shirou

Both the characters have very unique and strong abilities in the game. However in the comparison between Jai VS Shirou, Shirou comes out as the clear victor. Jai’s ability is useful and may help players get serial knockdowns but its limited uses and no versatility makes it a mediocre ability. However Shirou’s ability lets the player mark the target as well as deliver a fatal blow to it. Therefore this ability is a great scouting as well as aggressive ability.

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