James Harden bags 77th career 35-point double-double and nears LeBron James’ record

Harden closes Bron's numbers

James Harden and LeBron James

Ever since James Harden moved to the Brooklyn Nets, he has changed. This change is really good. He has been in an incredible form over the past weeks. To continuance of his prime at Houston Rockets, James Harden already broke multiple franchise record at the Brooklyn nets. The current super team at Brooklyn Nets is a nasty teaser for the playoffs. The team has gelled up about perfectly with a classic sync. Currently on a 6 game winning streak, the Brooklyn have silenced every chatter against them and it seems like Harden is approaching LeBron James unique record pretty fast.

The Brooklyn nets were up against the Los Angeles Clippers today. With an overwhelming victory, the duo of James Harden and Kyrie Irving contributed 65-points. This is one of the major attraction other than James Harden’s record. In the absence of Kevin Durant, the team is pretty geared up for action. Once again James Harden finished the game with a double-double. He had 37 points and 11 rebounds to go with it. Securing this double-double made him the second player to grab a double-double after LeBron James. Harden has answered befitting questions to his lost aggressiveness on court. On multiple occasions he has unleashed the lethal mode to compile huge numbers.

LeBron James number in fear of disappearing after James Harden showdoen

LeBron James has numerous records to his name. One of them includes 78 games with 35-point double-double. However, lately the Lakers team is shorthanded with absence of players. LeBron James cannot be the only player contributing without the stars in the team. Meanwhile Harden has made the most of it. He now stands next to LeBron with 77 games of 35-point double-double. The probability is too scarce that LeBron can retain his position. The way Harden is all fired up, LeBron’s number may disappear soon.

The Beard is averaging 24.9 points, 11.1 assists and 7.3 rebounds per game this season. These are just insane numbers. Ever since his arrival at Brooklyn, a series of records have been clustered. Solely by this man. Now the team is all compatible with allow players. Kyrie and Harden are having a dream run together. Only being the best in the East awaits them.

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