Jan Lammers impressed by Mick Schumacher’s attitude in the face of media pressure

Jan Lammers is impressed by Mick's attitude in the face of media pressure

Mick Schumacher and Jan Lammers

While many fanatics are excited to see Mick Schumacher race against the big guns. There are some who are skeptical about Mick’s ability and talent and think he has got the F1 seat only based on his last name. Unlike this section, former F1 Driver Jan Lammers is mightily impressed by Mick Schumacher’s talent and the composure he has showed facing all the critics. 

The young German conquered every junior racing series he took part in, most recently winning the F2 title. But as far as his adaptability is concerned, Mick’s stats show that he taken his own time to adjust and then later on goes on conquer. Mick is making the step up into the pinnacle of motorsports. So, he will be officially entering the ring of fire. From the get-go, fans will be hoping to see him grace the podium just like his famous father, Michael Schumacher. 

Former F1 Driver Jan Lammers defends Mick Schumacher and praises his abilities 

Mick is usually someone who starts slowly and moves up step by step. But he definitely has quality. Otherwise, you won’t be a champion in Formula 3 and Formula 2,” Jan Lammers said in an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com Netherlands. 

He added, “Having the surname Schumacher makes it difficult for him. In some ways, it may be easier. But because he has such a surname, he is constantly on the eyes and compared to his father, which is extremely difficult. I think it was impressive to see how he already dealt with this situation.” 

Lammers is throwing a wind of caution to that. Yet again, he will need a period of adjustment in his rookie year. Also, Haas is far from a contender on the grid. 

“Yet we shouldn’t expect it to immediately make a good impression at first. In this first year, we really need to leave him a little alone in terms of evaluation,” said Lammers. 

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