Japan hasn’t agreed to bear additional costs for the postponement of 2020 Olympics: Yoshihide Suga


Japan has denied paying any additional costs for the postponement of the 2020 Olympics. On Tuesday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Prime minister Shinzo Abe had committed to cover the cost, but today Suga told the reporters at a press briefing “It’s not true there has been an agreement on an additional cost burden”.

The International Olympic Committee said that the Japan and IOC were responsible for there respective share of the costs in line with there contract. The impact of the postponing Summer Games is still being worked out. The International Olympic Committee said, “For the IOC, it is already clear that this amounts to several hundred millions of dollars of additional costs”.

Shinzo Abe had agreed that Japan would pay the cost which amounted to around $3 billion, Kyodo news agency reported.

All the sports events around the world are either being delayed or canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. More than 24 lakhs people got infected and found positive from virus with over 1,69,000 of them being dead.


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