Jaun Mata Believes That Eden Hazard Is The Best Player In The League


Jaun Mata consider Chelsea former star player Eden Hazard is the best player in the Premier League. Eden who left the Chelsea and joined Real Madrid. Mata also backed Eden to come with good performance for Read Madrid.

The Belgian professional footballer enjoyed successful seven years for Chelsea and he managed to win two Premier League titles.

Eden and Mata both played together for Chelsea for two years. After Eden joined with Real Madrid, the injuries limited him to score just one goal and 15 appearances in the Champions League and La Liga.

Mata believe that Eden is the best in the league and he could win games by himself and said that he has been very unlucky in his time with Real Madrid with some injuries that he could not perform up to his standard.

“The best Premier League player… I mean, I used to love to play with, and against, Eden Hazard. For me, for many years, he was the best in the league. He could win games by himself. I used to train with him and I know how good he can be. He has been very unlucky in his time with Real Madrid with some injuries, but I’m sure he’ll show his real level when he’s fit to do that and he’s not injured,” Manchester United’s official website quoted Mata as saying.

“Other than him, we have had many players. You can speak about the history of the Premier League and you can maybe put some of my ex-team-mates like Wayne Rooney – he has to be up there. Ryan Giggs has to be up there, and Paul Scholes. My ex-team-mates from Chelsea: Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba. It’s very difficult to pick one,” he added.

As of now all football leagues had been postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic which has taken over 1 lakh lives.

Manchester United is placed at the fifth spot in the Premier League standings with 45 points from 29 matches.


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