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“Important to restore the legacy”: Jeanie Buss praises LeBron James efforts to rebuild Los Angeles Lakers’ legacy

LeBron James carrying Los Angeles Lakers' legacy as per Jeanie Buss

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have undergone a lot of criticism ever since Kobe Bryant’s last game in 2016, the team lacked a figure head. As a result, they were in a destitute position. However, in 2018 the Los Angeles Lakers acquired LeBron James and this was just the beginning of their modern day legacy. The team showed much more glimpse of why they were the best. They ended last season winning their 17th championship title in 2019 season. Jeanie Buss took over as the president of the organization when the team was struggling to make it to the playoffs. She expressed her praise for the king and how he rebuilt the entire legacy.


Jeanie Buss had a history with the Los Angeles Lakers. She succeeded her father who was once the Laker franchise president. She highlighted that her father didn’t miss a single playoff under him. When Buss was asked about what was it like to be underwhelmed for years and suddenly making it all up, she confronted how hard it was Jeanie said it was hard work and that is what paid them off. But the key to their solution was LeBron James. His appearance became the first stage of getting back the Laker’s domination.

LeBron James holding up for Los Angeles’ franchise

Jeanie Buss said, “It was important to restore the legacy that my father started,” stated Buss. “The first thing was putting Magic Johnson in place and then because of that, being able to draw a player like LeBron James in free agency. We had struck out in free agency over the last few years. And we were slowly rebuilding through the draft which is really difficult in any sport to play with so many young players. But getting LeBron James put us on the path to where we are today. And that’s back at the top of the NBA, in the conversations to be one of the best teams in the league and hopefully defend our trophy.”


The Lakers have a rich past. After Kobe Bryant, the team needed another individual to carry it. LeBron James’ appearance was one worth wait.

However, the important question is can the Lakers’ hold on to their last year domination? Ever since the roster has been plagued with injuries, the team has fallen apart. Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been side-lined. In their absence Lakers lost 4 straight games until their last. Now Andre Drummond has also joined in. The reigning champions are still very much in the competition. Hopefully LeBron James steps up once again to the rescue.

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