Jim Courier is excited for Roger Federer’s return to court

Jim Courier with Roger Federer in happier times.

Former World No.1 Jim Courier

Former World No.1 and four-time Grand slam winner Jim Courier who now works as a Tennis Analyst on TV is excited about Federer’s return to court. 

The American believes that the real question is, if Federer still has the legs for 5 sets matches. As far as his skills with the racket is concerned, Courier thinks it’s still pretty good.

Interestingly though, Federer has not played any competitive tennis since his last defeat, against Novak Djokovic, in the Australian Open semifinal last year. In the last few days, Federer has already announced that he will not be playing the Australian Open this year. If reports are to be believed he has still not fully recovered from his knee surgeries. Currently, he is in Dubai with his coach Ivan Ljubicic working on his fitness and hopes to recover in time for Rotterdam, Doha and Dubai, in March.  

“Skill with the racket is not a problem for Federer,” says Courier

Roger Federer

“Roger Federer’s wizardry with a racquet will be intact. He will not have lost his racquet skills, but the big X-Factor is the movement. He had two knee surgeries, and the return couldn’t come as fast as Roger and his team had hoped.” Courier said. This is actually a underhand complement by Courier to Federer. “Roger has played first-strike tennis for his entire career, and he could even increase if the movement is not there. Still, it will be tough for him to endure seven best-of-five encounters without a proper movement, which is what he is here for.” Courier added. Courier hinted that he might want to see if Roger Federer’s movements have been impacted post surgery. We should be grateful for seeing him on the court again; he is so fun to watch, and we all hope to see him playing as long as possible,” Jim Courier concluded.

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