Jim Ross reveals why Triple H criticized Chris Jericho and Booker T backstage

WWE superstar Triple H had disrespected Booker T and Chris Jericho backstage. Jim Ross discusses his take on the whole incident.

Chris Jericho with Triple H

One of the rumors about “The Game” Triple H has been that he had issues with Booker T and Chris Jericho. Jim Ross has now shared his take on this rumor.

Around January 2008, it was reported that Triple H was the least popular person in WWE. The Game had really upset the people working for the company, as it was reported by Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez back then.

At Summerslam 2007 Triple H squashed Booker T. He did not put over Ric Flair on a Monday night Raw episode. He even completely buried Chris Jericho’s return to WWE. All of this led to people in the company disliking Hunter.

Jim Ross recently discussed this topic on his podcast, Grilling JR. He mentioned that Triple H might’ve been jealous of Chris Jericho.

“The Jericho thing was, I believe, quite simply that Jericho had a load of charisma, naturally, that Hunter [Triple H] may not have had at that point in time, and the fact that Jericho was under six feet tall…It’s petty bulls***.”

Triple H had a say in other superstar’ storylines

Triple H used to have a say in WWE storylines

Ross even mentioned that the comments made by Triple H were not what a confident wrestler would say. In fact, he should’ve wanted better wrestlers around him, which could make even him look better.

Triple H, around that time had a say in the various WWE storylines. He even used to attend the WWE production meetings. While he is quite successful in that role now, but his comments then looked really bad back then.

“It was regrettable, especially when you’re talking about two guys like Booker T and Jericho who, really, you make yourself look bad by inferring that they don’t belong for whatever reason.”

Chris Jericho still stayed with the company, and spent another decade with them. Currently, Jericho is with All Elite Wrestling. Booker T left the company for Impact Wrestling before returning in 2011. Currently he is a part of the commentary team.

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