Jinder Mahal returns to WWE; new faction teased

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently returned to WWE and has teased a faction with Indus Sher and Dilsher Shanky.

jinder mahal
Jinder Mahal returned to WWE

Jinder Mahal made his last appearance on the WWE main roster in April 2020, when he faced Akira Tozawa. Post that, he was seen on 26th January at WWE Superstar Spectacle. He had teamed up with The Bollywood Boyz to face Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher.

Jinder Mahal had been on a break from WWE to undergo a surgery for the knee injury. But the former WWE Champion finally returned to the WWE main roster television. He faced Jeff Hardy, for a match that was taped for Thursday’s episode of Main Event.

Mahal earned a victory in the match, and also hinted at the formation of a new faction. This new faction, seemingly consists of Indus Sher and young Indian star, Dilsher Shanky, working along side the Modern-Day Maharaja.

This new faction could add interesting dynamic to WWE TV, and we could even see them on Raw or Smackdown soon.

Road ahead for Jinder Mahal and the new faction

Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal

While Jinder Mahal might not be a fan favorite character on WWE TV, but the addition of Mahal and his faction could provide a boost to the ratings of WWE shows. Currently, both the main roster shows of WWE have just one faction each – The Hurt Business and Roman Reigns’ stable.

Mahal’s tag team match against Drew McIntyre at Superstar Spectacle had received a lot of praise. Some fans even lobbied for one-on-one match between the duo. If Mahal returns to Raw, we could see an interesting feud between the former friends.   

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