Despite year without Aaron Rodgers, GM Joe Douglas still prefers him ’15 times out of 10′ over 2nd round pick

Joe Douglas recalled his experience of getting to know Aaron Rodgers, referring to it as ‘enjoyable.’

Despite year without Aaron Rodgers, GM Joe Douglas still prefers him ’15 times out of 10′ over 2nd round pick

Joe Douglas and Aaron Rodgers (Via Imago)

When the New York Jets had succeeded with the trade of Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers last offseason, they were sure 2023 would be their season of dominance. However, in the very first game, the star quarterback suffered a serious injury and was benched with uncertainty of returning. 


The whole offense collapsed and the defense couldn’t carry the team on its own, resulting in the Jets becoming the first team across the league to be eliminated from the playoffs. But despite everything, if the opportunity presented itself for the Jets to choose Rodgers, they would go it all over again.

So claimed the Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, on the first anniversary of the former NFL MVP’s trade deal with the Jets, on Friday. Douglas stated, despite the fact that Rodgers was barely with the team throughout the 2023 season. 

We don’t have a second-round pick this year and if I had the choice of having the second-round pick or not having Aaron, I would take Aaron 15 times out of 10. 
Joe Douglas told the reporters

The Jets’ GM acknowledged the dreadful consequences of Rodgers’ injury, he highlighted the excitement of the team to have such an elite player on the roster. He also recalled his experience of getting to know Rodgers, referring to it as ‘enjoyable.’

Just the leadership he brings, I’ve talked about it, you guys are probably sick of me saying it but him connecting with his teammates, his presence in the building, he’s a great guy.  
Joe Douglas added

Aaron Rodgers’ big plans before retirement 

After a rough start with the Jets, quarterback Rodgers is all set to make a solid comeback in the upcoming season. But that’s not the end goal for the quarterback as the 40-year-old has big plans for his career ahead. 

Last month, during an appearance on the “Look Into It” podcast, Rodgers opened up about his retirement plans. He touched more specifically upon how he still is willing to play deep into his 40s. 

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (via – Imago)

The quarterback said he hopes to play at least three or four more years in the NFL, before ultimately announcing his retirement. As for his contract with the Jets is a two-year deal, extending throughout the 2024 season.

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