Joel Embiid accuses LeBron James for his back injury

Embiid struggling with back as 76ers end losing streak

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LeBron James accused by Joel Embiid for his back injury

The Philadelphia 76ers have finally ended their 3 game losing streak. After such a great start, the team was prone to losing. Despite being at the top in the Eastern Conference they were unable to get past opponents. However, they finally have ended their curse beating the Houston Rockets 118-113. Joel Embiid’s presence has been fortune for the team. The stats prove that in his absence the team is more prone to losing. While Joel Embiid recently confirmed he has been struggling with a sore back.

Despite many Rockets player missing in today’s roster, Philadelphia just edged it past with 5 points. It was a close game but a must big win. Joel Embiid was once again to the rescue before the team could fall apart. Embiid ended with 31 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Just another classic double-double for the giant. But he was seen struggling in the post-up situations. And definitely it was his back that was troubling him through-out the game. During the post-game interview, Joel Embiid confirmed that it was against the LA Lakers that he faced such issues.

The LeBron James and Joel Embiid tussle

Joel Embiid revealed that ever since LeBron James fouled him, he is facing the soreness. He already had issues with his back and it just got escalated. Joel Embiid said, “That’s when it startedBut it’s not alarming. As NBA players, we play every single night and the body is just sore. You just got to take care of yourself. It’s normal. It’s just tightness. As the days go by, some days it is tighter than usual, some days it’s not. Today, when we started the game, it was tighter than usual.” During the 76ers and Lakers game, LBJ shoved Embiid when he was just getting a dunk. He got down hard and was instantly in hurt.

Embiid clarified his previous struggles with back injury. Despite such soreness he finished today with huge numbers. This shows that he never intends to quit. But the Philly team needs to buckle up for a lot more pressure. The league is getting tougher day by day. And they need to make their position strong to get deep into playoffs.

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