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‘He is trying to get there as fast as he can and it seems like it is taking forever’ – John McCarthy weighs in on Herb Dean’s refereeing at UFC Fight Night 185

Herb Dean's stoppage came under scrutiny, since Curtis Blaydes had received severe damage.

Derrick Lewis (L) and Herb Dean (R)

Derrick Lewis completely annihilated Curtis Blaydes in the main event of UFC Fight Night 185. ‘The Black Beast’ knocked out number 2 ranked Blaydes with a powerful uppercut, thereby equaling the record for the most knockout wins in the history of the UFC’s heavyweight division (12).

However, there was another thing that stood out, that night. It was veteran referee Herb Dean’s officiating. Many felt that he should have rushed in to stop the fight when Derrick Lewis landed that thunderous uppercut; instead the fight was waved off only after Lewis landed a couple of massive fists on the already demolished Blaydes.

Speaking about Herb Dean’s refereeing in the match in his WeighingIn podcast, former UFC referee and Bellator MMA broadcaster ‘Big’ John McCarthy said he found no fault in Herb Dean’s refereeing, adding that it was the distance at which Dean stood while Lewis knocked Blaydes out, made it seem like he didn’t stop the fight soon.

The problem for Herb in that one, Herb is behind him

John McCarthy was quoted as saying, “When Curtis Blaydes gets hit by Derrick Lewis, yeah he is out. Does Derrick need to hit him again? No, he doesn’t, that’s on him. But, if Blaydes hits the ground and by hitting the ground it brings him back, and Derrick Lewis is walking away, Herb is going to stand there and go ‘you should’ve gone after him.’ Derrick did what he was supposed to do.” [via BJPenn.com]

He continued, “The problem for Herb in that one, Herb is behind him. He has to move, Derrick is going forward toward Blaydes, Herb is trying to close that gap based upon where he was at when the knockout punch actually landed. Blaydes falls away from him so he has to get in there. Does Derrick Lewis land a couple of extra shots, yeah. Trust me, that time for Herb is going in slow motion, He is trying to get there as fast as he can and it seems like it is taking forever, it is very fast. Derrick Lewis is able to land a lot of shots in one second of time.” [via BJPenn.com]

Do you agree with John McCarthy? Was Derrick Lewis right in following up his uppercut with a couple of extra shots? Should Herb Dean have stood at a different area, so that he could have covered the ground quickly?

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