Jon Moxley says CM Punk has stolen a popular finisher

Jon Moxley recently mentioned that an entire generation of Superstar stole moves from KENTA. KENTA is currently Moxley’s rival.

CM Punk and Moxley

The reigning IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley recently made a bold allegation. Moxley mentioned that Superstars have been, for years, stealing moves from KENTA.

KENTA is Moxley’s current rival. Moxley will be defending his title on 26th February against KENTA. The match is a part of NJPW New Beginning in USA tour. Moxley won the title after defeating Minoru Suzuki. Since then, this is the first time that Moxley has put the title on the line.

Everyone has stolen moves from KENTA : Moxley


During an interview with Kevin Kelly, Moxley mentioned that KENTA has inspired an entire generation of Superstars and everyone has stolen his moves. This might’ve been a direct shot at former WWE Superstar CM Punk.

The KENTA that inspired generations, if you’re around my age, let’s face it – everybody stole their s*it from KENTA.

CM Punk adapted KENTA’s Go 2 Sleep maneuver. Punk made this move his finisher, Go To Sleep. Even Daniel Bryan’s running knee move has been inspired from one of KENTA’s moves. Bryan and KENTA have shared the ring when they used to wrestle for Ring of Honor.

KENTA currently has the Rights To Challenge for the IWGP US Championship briefcase. This has allowed him to go after Moxley’s title in a one-on-one match.   

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